Master Planning and Architecture

The design of WESc’s campus reflect its green credentials/aspirations. Designed by award-winning architects Aakar in Delhi, the school grounds are built to accomplish green goals:

  • Water Independent Campus
    The water harvesting pools in the campus ensure that all the water needs of the campus and its students are met by rainfall and ensure that groundwater levels remain at par
  • Zero Energy Ready 
    The solar panels spread across the campus will harness solar energy to reduce power consumption from non-renewable energy sources. The intent is to make the campus self-sustaining in its energy needs by tapping into different energy sources such as wind
  • Zero Waste Ready
    A zero-waste campus shall encourage students to participate in waste management by learning about effective recycling practices. The campus will be built on strong guidelines that consist, among other initiatives, of eliminating plastic from the school ecosystem

Built with minimum impact to the land
The campus will be designed keeping the environment at the forefront. The impact on land has been prevented by measures like stormwater management, including sediment control and post-construction pollution.