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About WESc

Mobius Foundation is setting up the first ever school in India and South Asia to take a leading role in promoting Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development. With the objective of creating awareness amongst students and providing quality education with respect to Environment, the ‘World Environment School’, at Kodagu, India, will open its doors to students in April 2021.

  • Value Based Education
  • Flexible, Innovative Learning Spaces
  • International Curriculum
  • Regional and Global Focus

The Founder’s Vision

Mr. Pradip Burman has always had a passion for education and the environment. It is his vision to combine the two in a new flagship co-educational boarding school for students aged 11-18 with national, regional and global appeal. It will set an agenda for students to become active citizens for the protection and sustainability of their environment and the future of our planet. The World Environment School, Coorg (WESc) will commence its first session in April 2021.

Partner School

A Whitgift education is unique and exceptionally tailor-made, offering a variety of pathways to qualifications, including A Level, Pre U, the IB and BTEC, with a bilingual section for native French speakers. Exceptional pastoral care is at the foundation of our provision, and each pupil, and his parents, are guaranteed a friendly face to turn to for advice and guidance.

Nurturing of the students

The formative years of education are essential to a student’s growth. At WESc, our intent is to create wholesome individuals through invigorating interaction and innovative learning practices. The atmosphere at WESc fosters acceptance by adopting care and sensitivity as our moral orientation.